Pet Tubs - Dog Grooming Tubs - For Self-Service Pet Wash


Pets get dirty. It is a fact of life, and one that seems unavoidable when you consider all animals love a bit of mischief now and then, especially dogs. Whether your pet lives indoors or outdoors, there are many reasons why it may need to be groomed periodically, even if only to remove excess oil from its coat. The best way to start grooming your pet is to bathe it, but using a hose and some soap will hardly ever get the job done correctly. This is why it is important for pet owners, groomers, caretakers, and other related businesses, to use a special tub that will allow for an adequate bath that will reduce bacterial and fungal growth, together with ensuring any external parasites are removed completely.

Enter Dog Tubs, the most popular pet grooming tubs on the market today.

With an extra wide table that can fit even the largest dogs, our dog bathtub is easy to use and so versatile you will no longer want to bathe your pet in anything else. With a comfortable drop down rail that allows for an easier reach, you will enjoy bathing your dog as much as your furry friend enjoys splashing around in the water like never before. This new and more soothing closeness prevents dogs from becoming stressed, making bathing them easier than ever before! In addition, our dog washtub has a no slip bottom that helps your pet stay calmer and with a more secure footing than traditional tubs, which require the use of a floor mat that only collects dirt, hair, and soap scum.

Available in two different colors: granite and white, the special coating of our dog tubs prevents unwanted marring and scratching, while remaining in pristine condition even after long periods of continued use. Our pet grooming tub is also an aesthetic break from the traditional stainless steel tubs, which can make your business look more like a clinic than the doggy spa you want it to be!

One of the biggest issues pet owners and self-serve dog wash businesses have encountered when bathing dogs is the height at which the tub is placed. Traditional tubs are always at a fixed height, which means some of your customers might not be able to get an adequate grip or a close enough reach, making bath time difficult and chaotic. Our dog grooming tubs will allow you to determine the height of your tub, and even though we recommend 42 inches, the exact placement is all up to you!

Pet grooming will no longer be a hassle. Today it can be as simple and fun as it was meant to be. Whether you are a pet owner whose doggies have a habit of rolling around in foul smelling stuff, or you are just starting out on your own pet grooming venture, Dog Tubs are the one piece of equipment you should definitely have. From the smallest little doggie, to the largest great dane, it is time to turn your dog's bath time into an experience you will both come to love. Revel in the closeness of your pet and enjoy some quality time together as you scrub away the stress and dirt that have accumulated on both its fur and in your mind. Turn bath time into fun time with Dog Tubs, the best dog grooming tubs you will ever have!