Dog Bath Tubs for Pet Grooming and Residential Homes

Posted by Anthony at on Jan 9th 2020

Dog Bath Tubs for Pet Grooming and Residential Homes

Our Dog Bath Tubs is Simple and Easy to Use

Our dog bath tubs are the best for all pet grooming industry businesses and that your customers will love you for it! Why constantly struggle to wash your dog and he moves around in the wide pet tubs doesn't want to be washed? The reason is, the tub is too wide! Look at the competitor's pet tubs being used in the self-service dog washes, seeing someone trying to wash their pet and frustrated at the dog, and this totally stresses on the pet and the person. When the tub is too wide, this can cause chaos! The key solution is to shortening your reach when washing your pet. Our tubs inside dimensions is 26 inches and 30 inches outside.

Another common issue with the competitor's tubs:

Fixed height and this considered standard for all people? Our tubs can placed at height for your customers, we recommend 42 inches. See the "Drop down rail options" below.

  • Tub dimension: 60 inches long x 30 inches wide x 20 inches depth

Drop down rail for an easier reach, better for everyone!

Simple to shower and wash your dog! Your pet is much closer and less stressed!

  • Non-slip bottom for better grip

Non-slip bottom makes the dog less stress and sure-footed! Again I have seen other tub makers out there with slippery bottoms and using bath floor mats, and this collects dog hair and soap!

  • More colors in granite gel coating

We have variety of colors to choose from!

Also, better looking than the cold stainless steel tubs, thus this makes your shop look like dog spa!

Build the dog wash base to suit your style of your shop business or residents.