Dog Bath Tub for Homes

Posted by Anthony at on Jan 9th 2020

Dog Bath Tub for Homes


Once your try our dog bath tubs (DogTubs™) you will be using them ever after! We believe comfort is most important to make your customers happy! to bathe your dogs without the back-pain in association with from bending forward and reaching down inside because all dog bath tubs in the self-service dog wash shops are exactly alike with no comfort in design made. Can you image yourself over the side of dog washtub and by time you finish washing and drying your dog, your back is in pain. This shouldn’t be an awful experience when washing your pet, and now feel what your customers would be like in that horrible situation. Would they come again for another time to wash their dog? I would say not!

We made it possible! Our designed dog bath tub is unique, you can reach without bending too far in. In our design, the upper rail-cap is is notched 3 feet wide and 3 inches down, this helps in reaching distances without the need to dip into or bend downward into the tub. This also helps for those are shorter and with someone that is slightly taller in which the other side has no notch in the top. This is perfect for couples washing their dog together, and this makes enjoyable time bonding with their dog. We recommend that several dog wash tubs to be at different heights, shorter tub bases at 42″ to start and up to 46″ for the taller customers.

DogTubs™! Our perfected dog bath tubs for the professional services like self-service dog wash, groomers, mobile dog grooming, and residential homes. We sell the dog tub separately without the base, because every dog wash shop is different, some make the base out of different materials, like tile or Formica, and this, in fact, is a money saver to building it on your own. Our DogTubs™ are made of fiberglass, not stainless steel that are cold, noisy and all are one size fits all idea. DogTubs™ comes in multiple colors, from bright white to 60 colors of granite. Just like the old fashion out-door Jacuzzi hot tub.We also sell with our DogTubs™, a specially designed dog hair filter into the tub drain basket, that will collect 100% hair from going down the drain which could cost you a great amount for a plumber to come by and fix. The dog hair filter is special designed to gather hair collects by bundling up inside the strainer, which makes an easy removal of the hair-fur.


™ is easy to maintain, buffer able and guaranteed for many years of service. Your customers will thank you for a wonder time, and that happy customers are repeatable and keep your business going. Come check us out on Facebook!