Check Out Our Commercial Dog Washing Stations

Posted by Anthony at on Jan 9th 2020

Check Out Our Commercial Dog Washing Stations

And what makes our commercial dog washing stations stand out over others in the market

Our commercial dog washing stations has two sides to wash a dog; left side is 3 inches lowered making it easy and convenient for kids that want to wash their family dog. The idea came from my girlfriend; she is 5'1, and she wanted something her height but this also useable for taller people like me at 6'0. The dog or pet enters the front of the tub, note: should always have leashes to tie them in to prevent jumping out. Be careful of the length, this also short and hooked at two points to the wall and third point to attach the dog.

Our commercial dog washing stations made to a customized height (the one shown is at 42 inches tall). Look for the plans on how to build your commercial dog washing stations base, or check out the ones for sale 'the complete commercial dog washing stations."

"Commercial Dog Washing Stations" is made of durable granite coat fiberglass and it is much quieter than the stainless steel commercial dog washing stations. Using a steel tub makes a plenty of noises when washing the pet. Such things smacking up against the steel sides and bottom of the tub can spook and stress the dog or pet. And next time he will remember that terrible memory of "noise of the steel dog washing station" next time to wash him. Our commercial dog washing stations is much easy to clean and to maintain; scratches buffed out. Also to mentioned, there is multiple granite coat colors to choose from! Ocean Blue is a favorite along with Walnut.